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    Paramedic Services

    British Columbians Count On

    Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, our members are ready to help those in need. When you call 911, our highly-trained dispatchers work with emergency responders to ensure that you receive help quickly and efficiently.

    When you have a medical emergency in British Columbia, and you call 911, you're going to speak to one of our professionals:

    • on the phone with our Emergency Medical Call Takers and Emergency Medical Dispatchers, who will give you life-saving instructions while they dispatch Paramedics to you
    • at the scene with our Paramedic crews, who will expertly look after your medical needs, providing you with medical treatment and transport to a hospital emergency department

    Learn more about how?BC Paramedics and Dispatchers are serving British Columbians here.

    Learn about your communities Paramedic resources





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